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Universe, Galaxy and World Hosting
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Universes, Galaxies and Worlds.
Yes, we host worlds!

Universe setup fee: $20.00
Universe hosting: $15.00 per month

Single world: $7.50 per month
Two worlds: $13.50 per month
Three worlds or more $6.00 per month each
Worlds in a hosted Universe $6.00 per month

Worlds are hosted and maintained online 24 hours a day 7 days a week, using a cable commercial internet access.

Universe online 24/7

Worlds online 24/7

Weekly backups of all hosted worlds

Bot assistance on occasion when builds need to be converted or moved

Bot 'on duty' if desired

Discount for multiple worlds

Special Package
One world and two object path spaces (400mb) for $18.00 per month.
Additional worlds and object path spaces (at 200mb each) are then an additional $6.00 per month each.

Note that DCF Services reserves the right to adjust or waive any fees as we deem appropriate

DCF Services reserves the right to deny or discontinue any service
we feel or find is used for undesirable or illegal purposes.

DCF Services is not responsible for the content of any universe, world, object path, or web site hosted with us.
DCF Services does not necessarily endorse any universe, world or web site hosted with us.