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Scripted Xelagot Modules
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Too many people, too few hammers



We have a very complete and flexible in house Xelagot scripting with a number of helpful functions for the world owner.

Running on a Xelagot that is online 24/7

Complete but Flexible functions

Can add other scripts and special bots with approval and testing.

The Rights Management Module

(This module is for any world with more builders than will fit in the build rights space.)

The Rights Module allows a world with more citizens needing a particular right (usually Build) to have that right despite the world buffer not being large enough. Normally, the world buffer, which is only 255 bytes long, will only hold about 36 citizen numbers that are 6 digits long, so that if more than 36 need the right, either an ALL (*) setting must be used, or some form of swapping the numbers in and out must be used. This module maintains a list of those that have build rights, then when anyone enters the world, the module reconstructs the list based on who is present in the world, keeping the actual rights constantly updated.

Note that anyone that has ghosted while still in world may have to re-log into AW to get their rights set properly under this module.

Note that presently the Rights Module can handle Build, Eject and Eminent Domain as separate rights. Other rights can be added as needed.

The Rights Module requires caretaker rights.

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