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Scripted Xelagot Modules
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The extra Bells and Whistles
er - um - Dice and Bells

We have a very complete and flexible in house Xelagot scripting with a number of helpful functions for the world owner.

Running on a Xelagot that is online 24/7

Complete but Flexible functions

Can add other scripts and special bots with approval and testing.

The Dice Module

The Dice Module lets people roll dice of any type by a simple command. When the Dice Module is on, anyone in range of the bot can use the /ROLL command to ‘roll dice’ of any number and any type. The syntax help pops up if the /ROLL command does not have the correct syntax.

The Dice Module has no special requirements.

The Bell Module

The Bell Module tolls a bell each hour by placing an object in world at a preset location, usually in the GZ area, with a sound action to ‘toll the bell’. Those on the command list can also 'ring' the bell on command.
Note that the bell object and actual sound can be anything, not just a bell or bell sound, for example a horn speaker and a klaxon sound.

The Bell Module requres build and that the 'bell' object and the 'ring' sound be on the object path.