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Scripted Xelagot Modules
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Changing billboard and slide show



We have a very complete and flexible in house Xelagot scripting with a number of helpful functions for the world owner.

Running on a Xelagot that is online 24/7

Complete but Flexible functions

Can add other scripts and special bots with approval and testing.

Billboard Module

The Billboard Module manages a changing billboard in a preset location, with a set list of signs to display on the billboard object. A slide show mode was added later when another client needed the ability to call up slides when they wanted, and not just on a timer. The Billboard Module is based on a simple sign changing script by Pelican.

Note the Billboard Module requires the Billboard data files be manually edited

The Billboard Module requires the bot have Build Rights
and that the billboard object be on the object path for the world
and that the images be available either on the object path or a web accessible site.





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