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Age sometimes has to be checked at the door



We have a very complete and flexible in house Xelagot scripting with a number of helpful functions for the world owner.

Running on a Xelagot that is online 24/7

Complete but Flexible functions

Can add other scripts and special bots with approval and testing.

The Age Management Module

(This module is primarily for adults worlds, R and X rated.)

The Age Module is one of the two of the most complex modules by far, with the Avatar Module described next being the other. It is loosely based on a script written some time ago by McGavin, that has been around for a while and has gone through a number of changes of its own. On adult worlds where age checking is a must, this module performs that function with a bit of leeway and flexibility. Three main lists manage this module. The accepted list has those that have given an acceptable age, while the bad list are those that have given an age that is not acceptable, and the continuing (or pending) list are those that have yet to give an age. The accepted and bad lists are both fully manageable, and the pending list can have names deleted but not added. The tourist age list maintains only those tourists that have given an age, acceptable or bad.

A person entering for the first time, is prompted for their age, and given a time limit. They will have either a minimum of just over 40 seconds to give a valid age, at least 3 posted lines to give a valid age (the last post coming after the 40 seconds), or up to 120 seconds if they say nothing. They will receive at least 3 promptings for age. If they do not give a valid age after the FINAL prompt, they are ejected for a day to reconsider. Three such visits without a valid age is the limit, and the fourth such visit puts them on the bad age list at that point. The age must be given out loud as the script will not accept a whispered age. Once the person gives a valid age, if the age is within the accepted range (usually 21 and older, but not over 99) they are put on the accepted list, otherwise they are put on the bad list, and the age given recorded on the age list. As stated the accepted and bad lists are fully manageable.

This module requires eject right or caretaker right, and normally is used in conjunction with the Ban Module as well.

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