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We have been hosting worlds and object paths since the summer of 2000.
The number of worlds has varied from a handful to the present 30+ worlds
across 3 universes, along with 10+ object paths.

We are currently hosting over 70 Xelagots in various worlds and universes,
and a handful of Prestons. Most are in worlds we host, though there are
some in worlds we do not host.
Magsbots we have hosted in the past were running the Mags Chatbot scripting.

As a world owner and Active Worlds PeaceKeeper, we well know the value
of good hosting, and try to provide the best we can for our clients.


When you are in Active Worlds and have the opportunity,
please visit ReginaUP (our office world)
and ReginaDN (our main world).
Sorry, but neither world is tourist enabled at this time.

Serving Active Worlds since 2000.
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