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Web Site and Object Path Hosting
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Web Sites and Object Paths,
not a problem.

Single 200mb Space: $7.50 per month

Two 200mb spaces: $13.50 per month
(These can be done as either 2 separate
200mb spaces, or one large 400mb space)

Three or more spaces: $6.00 per month each
(Again, separate or combined as desired)

Each additional 200mb space: $6.00 per month

Web Site and Object Path hosting is provided on an open space basis, with the amount of space desired being flexible to the user. FTP access is per individual, where any person accessing your web site or object path has their own login.

Web Site or Object Path online 24/7

Monthly backups of the object paths

FTP access provided, with each person having separate access logins. NOTE: Those with home routers should not need special configuration for FTP access.

Web Site/Object Path space is in 200mb increments

Assistance with Object Path management is available

Note that DCF Services reserves the right to adjust or waive any fees as we deem appropriate

DCF Services reserves the right to deny or discontinue any service
we feel or find is used for undesirable or illegal purposes.

DCF Services is not responsible for the content of any universe, world, object path, or web site hosted with us.
DCF Services does not necessarily endorse any universe, world or web site hosted with us.