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The Script that does the most




We have a very complete and flexible in house Xelagot scripting with a number of helpful functions for the world owner.

Running on a Xelagot that is online 24/7

Complete but Flexible functions

Can add other scripts and special bots with approval and testing.

Sorry, but we do not host RPG bots at this time

Welcome to the Karten Modular Xelagot script

This presentation gives you a descriptive idea of what the script has, and what each module can do. This script has evolved from a number of sources, starting with the whisper script that was given to me some years ago, then from several scripts on the Xelagot web site, namely the mirror, PA and weather scripts. Then from an age script written by another friend some time back, and finally from my own views on improving and adding to certain Xelagot functions. The whole script becoming modular allows picking and choosing which modules are used in a particular bot situation, and are color coded in the master script version for ease of selection. For example, a bot way out in the boonies on a world and using global mode can manage the ban, age, avatar and weather modules for the whole world. And if that bot is placed on open chat command, it can be commanded and controlled from anywhere in the world.

The KNMODBOT has a number of modules that perform different functions. The base module is key and is always present. Other modules include: Lift, Dice, Bell, Billboard, Notification, Mirror, Whisper, PA, Guard, Ban, Bad Words, Age, Avatar Restriction, Avatar Management, Weather, Walker, and Rights. These modules can be mixed and matched to the users needs and requirements, with a few limitations. Some modules have specific privilege requirements, such as caretaker, eject or build, with specific objects required to be available on the object path. These will be noted in each module's description. New modules can be created or existing modules modified for special circumstances or needs. Several of the modules and modifications have come about in just that way.

To wrap up, any or nearly all of these modules can be used in any given situation. Certain modules are less effective with certain other modules, so what is needed and what will work should determine which modules are included.

PLEASE NOTE: This script is for administrative functions in a world and not for role play functions. I am contemplating attempting role play scripting at some point, but nothing has been started at the present time, and certainly not be with this script

Because of its complexity and continued updating, this script is not available for sale or give away. For the time being, I will have to host the bot running any version of this script for anyone wanting this script in use on their world. Perhaps this policy will change in the future, but not at this time.

The modules are listed below as links to each module's desciption page.

The Modules
Script Modules