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Projects that we are and have been proud to be part of


World and Object Path Hosting

Hosting worlds and object paths since spring of 2000. We have hosted worlds across 3 Active Worlds type universes including, Active Worlds and Peace City. In the past we have hosted worlds in Agape World Fellowship, Active Worlds Europe, CybernetWorlds and Dreamland Park.

Xelagot Hosting and Xelagot Scripting

We have been hosting Xelagots since the summer of 2000 for many of our hosted worlds, and have for some time hosted Xelagots on several non-hosted worlds as well. See our Bot Hosting page and Xelgaot Scripting page for information regarding the Modular Xelagot Script we run
For Xelagot, Contact Karten

Peace City world, object path and bot management

We are proud to be the world and object path manager for the Peace City Universe, and the host and manager for the bots in Peace City. Both Xelagots and Prestons are presently hosted in Peace city in various places around the Peace City worlds.

Preston and MagsBot Hosting too

We have now been hosting Prestons for some time for several specialized situations. We are also now hosting several Magsbots running the Mags Chatbot scripting.
For Preston, Contact Karten
Agape World Fellowship

We are proud to have hosted the Agape World Fellowship (AWF) Universe in the past along with the AWF universe worlds. We are presently hosting several Xelagots in AWF again.

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